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A Glimpse into the Psychology of Color and Light

Many businesses and home owners from all reaches of our colorful world are becoming enlighten by the numerous studies on how colors affect our mood, emotions, and to many retailers, our spending habits. The usefulness of color psychology has been studied extensively by Rachel and Stephen Kaplan, both former professors of psychology at the University of Michigan.

Their numerous studies looked at how humans react to their environments. For this particular subject of lighting and psychology, a study they published titled “The Experience of Nature: A Psychological Perspective” includes some interesting findings that can help us better understand the way light can affect us. (Link to this study can be found here)

Take interior design for instance. Although the interplay of hues and shades is crucial, knowing how to incorporate color psychology into your home’s décor can give any space that extra special something that your guests just can’t put their finger on—but they’re sure to love. Today's Smart Lighting Systems can enhance your home with an infinite palate of colors at your command and at your finger tip!

Ask one of our Lighting Consultants to discuss your wishes for your home. Choose CONTACT US from the above menu to schedule a Complimentary Consultation.

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