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Home and Office Smart Home Sound Scapes

imagine . . .

Imagine walking into your home and saying "Alexa, I'm home" and not only your lights brighten to that magic "just right" level and your shades on each of your windows raises nearly silently and synchronously to the perfect level - but your favorite playlist begins to play inside and outside your home!

Our Experienced Sound Scape Design Team will:

  • Walk you through the Home Automation experience and show you how seamlessly home automation will integrate with your daily life with fully integrated speakers and devices inside and out.

  • Guide you through the various rich sound solutions that are now available - including BOSE, SONOS and PROFICIENT. 

  • Guide you through the style and speaker selection - even work directly with your Architectural Design team if applicable.

  • Take preliminary assessment and provide a prompt and transparent quotation.

  • Once the quote is approved, we will schedule a rough-in and wiring installation.

  • Once all the finish work is completed, we will schedule a final device installation and provisioning visit.

  • Once thoroughly tested and configured, the installation team will train you on the use for maximum enjoyment.

  • Finally, you and your family will simply enjoy the integrated Home Automation and Sound Scape addition to your home!

Proudly serving Palm Beach, Broward, Collier and Miami-Dade Counties since 2011

Sound Scape Speaker Sampling


SONOS Soundbars


Sussound Ceiling Speakers


Proficient Audio Solutions 


Outdoor Speakers

There are many paths to an incredible sound experience in your home today.  Prices can range from $199 for a wireless speaker to $50,000 for a over-the-top studio grade sound system.

We approach music and sound in your home or office from a K.I.S.S approach.  Using the latest in integrated sound scape and in home sound system solutions and home theater partners, our Sound Designers will guide you to the optimum sound scape solution that becomes a part of the fabric of your smart home.​

Integrated Music Systems are:

   - A valuable part of your smart home ecosystem

   - Feature a fully customized sound sources, programmed modes and automated programming

   - Architecturally appealing speaker screens so your home sound system is heard - not seen!

   - App Integration with Lutron, Alexa or Siri Smart Home Systems


Lutron Automation allows a seamless home and office sound scape integration into your daily life.

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