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Commercial Equipment Financing

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A Word from Mark, our "chief cook"

I am truly excited offer financing through Terrace Finance for our commercial customers accessing our commercial equipment and installation services.  

Terrace Finance offers programs for as little $0 down!  This makes accessing our premium services and all the benefits of enterprise video surveillance, full feature Smart Office security alarm systems, audio/visual projects and so much more!

We look forward to hearing from you!



$0 Down Payment

for any equipment and its installation.*
Click here to be directed to our financing parter and simple online application!

To learn more about financing details, please contact our Terrace Finance Account Manager, John Papadopoulos at (954) 636-8571.

*Class A Credit Required

When you apply with Terrace Finance, you enter the our multi-lender platform. Personal and small business deals are handled by our automated system. The Terrace Team is standing by to help you if you need it. Our video explains how it works.

Commercial deals of $15,000 or more are handled by our expert commercial team. Once the initial application is filled out, they will contact you with next steps. We have multiple programs to fit your needs, and they will make sense of it all for you, so you only have to apply once.



Q: What is the difference between a lease and a loan?

A: With a loan, the consumer receives a lump sum from the lender and pays it back over time with interest. With a lease, the lender purchases the merchandise from the merchant and rents it back to the consumer with interest for a specified time. Depending on the leasing product, the consumer has options to own the merchandise at the end of the lease term, buy out the lease early, or exchange the merchandise at the end for another model. 


Q: The item that I would like to purchase does not fit into any of the categories in the standard offer. What now?

A: If the item is not a consumable or permanent accessory, it may still be eligible for leasing. Call our sales team at 888-509-1370 for help determining eligibility. 

Q: Can I finance multiple items together for under one lease?

A: Yes! We have access to leasing products that begin at $200, but items costing less than that, such as accessories that go with an item, may be bundled together into one transaction. 


Q: I was pre-approved but then got turned down by the lender match. Why?

A: The number one reason this can happen is if an applicant does not enter an accurate income on the application. Lenders verify income before making an offer, so it is important that your actual income not be less than what you enter in the application. Call our customer service line at 888-509-1370 for help getting a “rematch”. 


Q: Does TFC honor merchant’s return policies?

A: Yes, we will work with you in the unlikely event of a product return. Please email our operations team at


Q: Is there anyone that you cannot finance?

A: Our lenders reserve the right to turn down any application for various reasons such as fraud, open bankruptcy or multiple late payments. But we always give our best effort to get every application approved that we possibly can! 


Q: Who can I contact to find out more information about the status of an application?

A: Please call Terrace Finance with any questions 888-509-1370 and press 1. Our team is here to help you during the application process! 


Q: Can my Midtown Now Sales Manager fill out the application for the me?

A: Midtown Now can assist you if they are in your store with you or if you have a paper application from another lender with their signature. 


Q: Does Terrace Finance have a “No Credit Needed” Option?
A: Yes! Several of our lenders have “No Credit Needed” programs that do not base decisions solely on credit score. Applicants needing this type of financing will be routed to one of them during the application process. 

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