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Professionally Project Managed and Installed 

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Data, Fiber Optic and Audio Cabling Installation


Guaranteed, professionally installed Cat 6, Cat 7, Fiber Optic and Audio Cables

  1. Our low voltage contracting professionals will complete an onsite survey and then recommend the perfect solution for your cabling needs.

  2. Our Project Management team oversees the project timeline and communications.

  3. Our Premier Service Craftsmen arrive ON TIME . . .  We guarantee it!

  4. Our craftsman will explain the scope of their work prior to beginning.

  5. We also won't forget you once the installation is completed, but will provided ongoing maintenance and warranty support at a level just right for your needs.

Proudly serving Broward, Collier, Hendry, Lee, Palm Beach, Martin, Miami-Dade and Saint Lucie Counties since 2011
Facility Building Managers, Property Managers and Typical Low Voltage Contractor Services

Facility building engineers and office managers find that we have arrived at a time where wiring infrastructure is critical to the successful deployment of the ever growing connected services critical to business growth.  IT Networks, Enterprise Wi-Fi, Smart Office Automation and VoIP Telephony Services all require strong infrastructure and networks.

Typical Services Needed:  

  • Demarcation extension

  • Structured cabling installation

  • Audio-visual installation


As a property manager or business facility manager, you will find a common low voltage contractor service needed is demarcation extension. Midtown Now’s licensed experts can perform demarc extensions and provide full documentation of the buildout for your records.


A demarc extension is the process of connecting your organization’s network to the Internet Service Provider or TeleCom provider service “hand off”. The “demarcation point” (or “demarc” for short) is the spot at your location where the vendor terminates their circuit. It is always the owner’s responsibility to make the connection from the demarc to the rest of the building or internal network.  The demarc is usually terminated in a data or telephone closet and cabling must be installed to extend this service for network integration.  This is where an experienced low voltage contract is critical to deploy and maintain a robust infrastructure.  As every business, building and end user can have a wide variety of network needs, it is even more critical to hire only experienced, licensed cabling experts. 


Midtown Now offers over 20 years of experience performing demarc extensions in many environments, including warehouses, offices, schools, shopping malls, and high-rise buildings.


The solutions we offer are always custom engineered to the needs of our clients. Here are some examples of our most common services:


Demarc Extension


Basic telephone services are installed (typically UTP Cat5e or Cat6) from the Minimum Point of Entry (MPOE) or Telco Closet to an equipment room or the Main Distribution Facility (MDF). Cable runs are installed per BICSI standards and arranged and concealed as much as possible with appropriate mounting hardware. All cables are certified and clearly labeled. Once extended the demarc to a wiring closet, our advanced technicians will coordinate with the client’s IT department to ensure all infrastructure services are installed and working as designed.


Horizontal and Backbone Distribution Infrastructure


Midtown Now also offers network engineering services for ultra-high capacity fiber optic data distribution backbones. We can create structured-cabling solutions for larger networks ranging from 12 to 244 count fiber cable backbones and can offer either just the passive fiber infrastructure or a 10 Gbps managed fiber optic network.  We can offer onsite physical infrastructure survey, install, and remediation as well as 365/24/7 Network Operation Center oversite and management of active networks.  We can design both a horizontal distribution system (which connects the intermediate data closets to individual workstations) or a backbone distribution system that utilizes multiple vertical distributions, such as a in a high-rise office building.


We encourage our clients to bring us in early in the planning phase to assist with early stage planning and budgeting.


Test and Turn Up Circuits


When a customer purchases a new dedicated data circuit, the vendor will provide a start date on which the circuit goes live. The vendor will begin testing to certify the data circuit by activating test signals.  Midtown Now and our ISP Sales Partners have close relationships with a wide variety of telephone and data carriers which insures a collaborative approach for new service certifications. 


Don’t let telephone and data infrastructure overwhelm you and your facility team.  Trust in our personal, experienced experts to provide you the professional management of these services ensuring you have this critical service fully managed.

Audio-Visual Services Installation


It is exciting to see how the audio-visual technology continues to advance with new technologies only dreamed of before.  Even more exciting is these rich features are even more affordable than ever before!  As businesses and property managers work to ensure their facility stays at the front of technology, they need a trust partner to ensure this technology gets installed safely and efficiently.  Midtown Now's team of expert installers (including custom drywall and painting crews) insure a "one stop shop" for all your AV installation needs.

Finding the Right Low Voltage Partner

Establishing relationships with trusted integrators has become vitally important. Partnering with a knowledgable integration company can help insure all of the latest technology - along with the secure network and infrastructure that makes it all possible - is secure, stable, scalable and carefully deployed.


Finding a trusted low-voltage cabling contractor that offers strong Project Management, approaches the project as a partnership and brings expanded integrations services and experience can be a challenge.  


How do you find this future partner?  See our recommended key items offered to all of our clients looking for a new Low Voltage Contractor and Integrator Partner:



1. Is the Low Voltage Cable Installer Company certified?

A trained and certified low voltage cable installation company has received training on design and installation standards best practices for technology infrastructure deployment.   The goal is install premium performance, long lasting results.

2. What types of warranties do they provide?

A certified low voltage cable installation company will provide clear and comprehensive warranties that expand on just a manufacturer warranty.  Midtown offers warranties on all installed cabling systems to provide the client long lasting industry standards.

3. Are the products and solutions they recommend and install designed to work together?

As your trusted network service integrator, Midtown Now low voltage cable designers and engineers will always recommend all products and components be part of a comprehensive manufactured solution to minimize potential problems and ensure consistency and standardization.

4. Will they share references?

We are proud of the many years of experience our Midtown Now team offers you.  We are proud to offer you our referral list as the 93% of our business has come from word of mouth!

5. Can they offer suggestions for future proofing?

Technology changes continuously and future proofing is a conversation that we will always have with our clients.  While there is no way to predict the future, balancing future options while staying on budget is a critical objective.  If you speak with a cabling installer candidate that is unwilling to discuss this topic, just give us a call!

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