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Structured Cabling Fiber and Copper UTP

Structured Cabling Planning and Installation


Guaranteed, professionally customized SECURE, MANAGED solution for your office or home!

  1. Our professionals will complete an onsite survey and then engineer the perfect solution for your smart home or smart office network system.

  2. Our Structured Cabling Design Team will review your site requirements and offer the optimal solution.

  3. Our professional installation team will complete the wiring, equipment installation and certification of the Structured Cabling system.

  4. We will evaluate and certify the installed system performance and provide a full report.

  5. We also won't forget you once the installation is completed, but will provided ongoing maintenance and warranty support at a level just right for your needs.

Proudly serving Broward, Collier, Hendry, Lee, Palm Beach, Martin, Miami-Dade and Saint Lucie Counties since 2011
Structured Cabling Services in Depth

Midtown Now, Inc., based in Southeast Florida and established in 2011, is a trusted structured cabling contractor with over 25 years of expert installations of complex data, voice, and video communication networks throughout Florida. Our structured cabling concierge services offer our clients the expertise, planning, and timely project completion for all premises cabling projects regardless of size and complexity. 

Data Center Fiber and Cat 6e Cabling.jpe

Communication networks are the highest priority “utility” in any organization and like power, is critical for base operations plus future growth. As this is a critical element of a business, the planning and installation of a business’s structured cabling plant should only be trusted to licensed structured cabling professionals.  Midtown Now offers consulting, planning, and fully complete and documented structured cabling solutions to meet the needs of both small and large industries.

Low Voltage Structured Cable Commercial

Midtown Now, Inc. is a State of Florida licensed (EG-13000709) low-voltage contractor.  We strictly comply with guidelines set forth by Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI), Electronic Industry Association and Telecommunication Industry Association (EIA/TIA) and OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) Safety Standards, as well as we follow the National Electric Code (NEC) as well as applicable Florida state and local codes. 


We fully warranty all installations for workmanship a full 10 years.  As an authorized reseller for all products we offer, all manufacturers’ product warranties are fully compliant as well.

Structured Cabling Services Offered

Midtown Now, Inc. can provide the structured cabling designs, infrastructure and professional installation services needed to transport any signal from a T1 circuit to OC-192 network transmission or PABX line from the central equipment room to any workstation via a multitude of intermediate equipment rooms/closets.  We provide fully documented as-builts and provide cabling location matrix mapping and related floor plans as required.

Midtown Now, Inc. performs/provides these structured cabling services throughout Florida:

  • Network Cabling Consulting Services that also includes Site Inspections/Surveys and Registered Communications Distribution Design Services for plant, network, pathways (logical and physical), etc.

  • CAD Drawings & Documentation Services

  • Installation of conduits, cable trays, ladder runways, raceways, plenum/riser inner ducts, etc.

  • Data, voice and video cable installation services

  • Fiber optic fusion/mechanical splicing and termination (LC/SC/ST)

  • Wire management and riser cable management (MDF/IDF)

  • Labeling, record keeping and circuit identification

  • Cable troubleshooting, comprehensive testing and certification

  • Independent Category 6, Category 7 and Category 8 cable certification

  • Telecommunications Related Moves, adds and changes (MACS)

  • Maintenance, support and training

Wide Variety of Structured Cabling Service Applications and Project Types
  • Commercial Building Custom Networks and Automation

  • DSL, Cable Broadband and T1-OC192 Circuit Extensions and Internet Access

  • Data Center/Computer Room Build-Out and Relocations

  • Phone Systems and Telecommunications Room/Closet Clean Up

  • Fiber Optic Cabling Installations (Single-Mode and Multi-Mode)

  • RS-232 Networks, Point of Sale (POS) and Terminal Wiring

  • Modular Furniture Installations

  • Paging and Sound Masking Speaker Installations 

  • Audio Visual Systems and Multimedia Systems 

  • Hospital and Nurse Call Systems

  • Wireless Networking Infrastructures 

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

  • Video Surveillance (CCTV), Access Control and Security Systems

  • Indoor, Outdoor, Underground and Aerial Cable Installations 

  • Distributed Antenna Systems

  • Outside Plant (OSP) Installations

Structured Cable Certification and Testing

Our cabling technicians are equipped with the most advanced Category 8/7/6/5E Level III, OTDR test equipment and diagnostic tools available to ensure installation integrity and eliminate causes of problems before they happen. 

Each Category 8/7/6/5E UTP cable, riser cable, optical fiber cable & connecting hardware will be labeled with a mechanical label maker at the workstation (faceplate) locations as well as at the telecommunications room (patch panels / 110 punch down blocks). Labeling will conform to all EIA/TIA 606 cable administration standards. Midtown Now, Inc. will comply with a labeling standard which will be approved by the Customer and will provide a clear and concise way of tracking cables, workstation outlets, patch panels, punch down blocks, etc.

Each Category 8/7/6/5E UTP cable will be certified with a Category 8/7/6/5E Level III tester which issues a test report covering electrical characteristics and physical cable parameters as called out in the current EIA/TIA testing standards. 

Each optical fiber cable will be tested and certified with a Power Meter, which issues a test report covering the light transmission characteristics and physical cable parameters. If required, Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) testing and certification can be performed at an additional cost. Category 6/5E UTP cable, riser cable, optical fiber cable & connecting hardware will be labeled.

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