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Smart Home Lighting Automation Solutions

Lighting Control at Your Command


Lighting IS Emotion . . .

Control the EMOTIONS of your home with ease with SMART LIGHTING.  Call today for Complimentary Consultation!

Lutron SMART LIGHTING Advantages include:

  • Personalization.  Add personalized scenes and modes to control lights and shades together with a touch of a button or integrated Voice Command.

  • Scheduling.  Program fully automated schedules to insure your home always is ready for you.

  • GeoFencing.  Simplify your personalization with location awareness which allows your home to come alive as you drive up or go to sleep as you drive away.

  • Voice Control Integration.  Lutron App integrates with Alexa, Siri (Homekit) and Google Home

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NightMode Switch.png
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Introduce your home to Smart Lighting Automation for as little as $699*
(with the Lutron RA2 Select Starter Kit)

*A RA2 Select Starter Kit includes: 1 Main Controller, 2 RA2 Dimmers, 3 Claro Single Gang Wall Plates, 1 Four Scene Pico and Adapter plus all related labor to install, program and train.


Lutron RA2 Select Advantages include:

  • Lutron App for seamless integration

  • Occupancy Sensors for true automation

  • Custom Engraved Switch Control Options

  • SONOS Integration

  • Lutron Shade Integration

  • Remote Maintenance and Configuration support available

  • Siri, Alexa and Google Home Integration

  • Proprietary Communication Network for Secure, Reliable control

Midtown Now Smart Lighting Solution.jpeg
Happy Smart Home Lady.png
Example Lighting System Zoning
(based on above model home)


 - Under Counter Lighting

 - Soffit Task Lighting


 - Chandelier

Living Room

 - Ceiling Down Lights

 - Art Lighting

 - Soffit Cove Lighting

 - Floor Lamps

Guest Bathroom

 - Vanity Lights

 - Ceiling Lights

 - Mirror LED Strip Lights


 - Ceiling Lights

Master Bathroom

 - Vanity Lights

 - Ceiling Lights

Laundry Room

 - Ceiling Lights (motion sensor)

Master Bedroom

 - Ceiling Lights

 - Nightstand Lamps

 - Soffit Cove Lighting

 - Master Closet (motion sensor)

Guest Bedroom

 - Ceiling Lights

 - Wall Sconces

 - Nightstand Lamps

 - Accent Mirror Lights

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