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We live in a time where we must unfortunately prepare for events such as "active shooter" situations in public and other public spaces. We are excited to now partner with AmberBox Technology offering instant detection and automatic notification to authorities.

Through active monitoring devices that require nominal cost for deployment, gun shot events are accurate detected and notices automatically issued. Upon activation, an automatic call is made to 911 via our E911 certified telecommunications platform and simultaneously connects to building security representatives to share real-time incident information with first responders. Threat alerts are issued by call, SMS and push messaging to building security representatives.

Instant response technology removes human error and the bystander effect, allowing authorities to respond to threats faster and more accurately. Automatically protect an area—no user intervention required.

Detection features include:

  • Percussion - Detects the two distinct audio signatures produced by a gunshot: the muzzle blast and bullet shockwave. AmberBox listens for these signatures, to determine if a gunshot has occurred.

  • Infrared - Senses the muzzle flash of a gunshot caused by the combustion of gunpowder mixing with the ambient air.

  • Sound - Utilizes patented machine learning analysis to compare sounds detected against thousands of gunshot samples, stored on every detector.

Please call Midtown Now for additional information.

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