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Exterior House Painting Service

Exterior House Painting Service

Our professional painting service is happy to offer this simple estimating tool.  Simply choose the appropriate options to find our guaranteed price* estimate.


If you are happy with your estimate, simply "Add to Cart" and checkout.  We will only hold an authorization on your credit card until the we begin the job.  You will be contacted my our expert Client Care Support Team to schedule your exterior home painting project.  Payment will be due in full upon the job completion at which time we will charge against the held authorization.


We exclusively use Sherwin-Williams Emerald Exterior Acrylic Latex K49-Series paint.  This is the "Best in Class" exterior paint option in our opinion for our climate and for stucco applications.  


Emerald Exterior Acrylic Latex Exterior Paint offers:

  • Excellent durability
  • Resistant to blistering, peeling and dirt pick-up
  • Excellent application, flow and leveling characteristics
  • Self-priming (2 coats new construction, 1 coat repaint)
  • Uses a patented cross-linking 100% acrylic technology
  • Rain tolerant in just 4 hours (critical in our market)


We will consult with you regarding your colors of choice (over 100 colors options are available).




    We offer airless spray application for exterior painting.  Its primary advantage is speed. When large areas are sprayed, it allows for much faster application of the exterior paint for a quicker exterior painting job completion. Since fewer labor hours are needed, we pass the savings to you! 


    • Fast application
    • One coat coverage
    • Smooth finish free of brush/roller marks
    • Ability to get into hard to reach areas



    While may seem an "old fashioned" way to paint a home, it is still the time tested preferred method.  It is slower, but offers excellent control of where the paint is applied (e.g. little or no splatter or "over-spray") on landscaping) and allows the painter to be up close to his work to insure full coverage.

    This method often will require 2 coats and our team has to work harder to work around obstructions so this method does have a premium cost.


    • Excellent control
    • Very good adhesion
    • Even, uniform coverage
    • Gets paint into nooks and crannies better than spraying
    • Longer lasting paint life due to thicker application

    Most of my homeowners end up going with the roll price because it is a higher quality job.


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