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Realtor Partnerships - Increase Price Reduce Sell Time with Smart Home and Make Ready Services

Realtors are faced with an ever changing marketplace. Yet one undeniable value remains… these professionals offer clients an expansive network of partnerships working together to make each listing truly stand out from the rest.

Let’s review Smart Home Technology and home sales in today’s marketplace.

A T-360 survey revealed 40% of realtors believe smart homes sell quicker regardless of price.

In spite of this, a recent poll of South Florida listings showed that less than 1% of homes under $500,000 made mention of “smart home” features.

As many new home builders have discovered, up to 70% of today’s home buyers expect home automation in their new home!

Luxury homes are expected to offer automation but this can often be over complicated to use and even outdated...While FHA approved properties rarely offer these desirable features.

Midtown Now partners with realtors and their clients to increase selling price and reduce the listing to closing time frames with our turn key smart home packages.

As one stages a home’s interior, we wish to offer Smart Home features to all of your listings!

Midtown takes a consultative approach to make recommendations in the following areas which can add the desired smart home features to your listings:

Premier Wi-Fi Systems

Smart Lighting Controls

Automated Window Shades

Interior and Exterior Sound Scapes

Security Alarms and Smart Door Locks

Video Surveillance

Smart Environmental Controls

Integration with Smart Speakers

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