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Technology and Living

When it comes to design and technology, design should always triumph! Technology should enhance our life and the world around us, not be a distraction.

Seamless Integration

Wi-Fi, home and/or office automation, sound scapes, lighting scenes and environmental control should all perfectly integrated into the design of the living or work space. Midtown engineers, designers and installation team always will consider the end esthetic. This added time spent up front reviewing these details always shines through our installations and technology deployments.

Smart Home

Be sure your design team considers the following items:

  • Wiring - How will the wires be routed, secured and hidden

  • Speakers - What is the best environment for the application - wireless or wired

  • Lighting Automation - Switch, App or Home Assistant Control or a combination

  • Surveillance - Cloud based service or local storage. Analytics or just recordings.

  • Wi-Fi - Family Controls via an app or Remote Monitored and Managed by Professionals

There are many things to consider and we recommend starting with the basics - environmental control, lighting automation, home assistant control with sound often a necessary addition. Click here to book your complimentary consultation today!

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