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Business Wi-Fi Solutions

Every small business owner is passionate about their product, service or brand. It is this interest that drives one to put all the effort into the business. Rarely does the business owner, or his team, have the expertise to build and monitor their commercial Wi-Fi and associated network system.

Often the ISP provider brings in the internet, often referred to as broadband connection" to what is called a demarcation point (often referred to as the "demarc"). Many connectivity issues experienced in the office space are not related to the ISP service, but rather the inside wiring or Wi-Fi system. The problem is often no one is capable of offering a solution!

That is why many companies ask Midtown Now team to upgrade the inside Wi-Fi system to a managed system that is remotely monitored and managed for quick, experienced response!

We also have strong relationships with all major service providers and can often reduce a business's technology service fees while adding addition services such as video surveillance, security alarms and VoIP telephone services!

Click here to book a complimentary consultation to learn how we can serve your needs!

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