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FLIR A400 Thermal Imaging Screening Solution
  • FLIR A400 Thermal Imaging Screening Solution

    Can thermal cameras be used to detect a virus or an infection? The quick answer to this question is no, but thermal imaging cameras can be used to detect Elevated Body Temperature. FLIR thermal cameras have a long history of being used in public spaces—such as airports, train terminals, businesses, factories, and concerts—as an effective tool to measure skin surface temperature and identify individuals with Elevated Body Temperature (EBT).


    In light of the global outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), which is now officially a pandemic, society is deeply concerned about the spread of infection and seeking tools to help slow and ultimately stop the spread of the virus. Although no thermal cameras can detect or diagnose the coronavirus, FLIR cameras can be used as an adjunct to other body temperature screening tools for detecting elevated skin temperature in high-traffic public places through quick individual screening.


    If the temperature of the skin in key areas (especially the corner of the eye and forehead) is above average temperature, then the individual may be selected for additional screening. Identifying individuals with EBT, who should then be further screened with virus-specific diagnostic tests, can help reduce or dramatically slow the spread of viruses and infections.


    The FLIR A400 Thermal Imaging Screening Solution thoughtfully combines all the components needed for a turn key screening solution for commercial facilities.  


    We have an optional fully configured option which adds a desktop computer and includes our technical staff pre-provisioning and testing the equipment.  We then label all the connections and ship to you for quick and easy setup.  Our staff is available for customer support once you receive the system for additional assistance.


    FLIR Parts Included:


    86000-000 | FLIR A400 Camera

    T300312 | Smart Sensor Config

    T300240 | IR Lens 24 degree

    T300293 | Advanced Smart Sensor Config

    T300295 | Viusal Camera incl MSX

    T300216 | Accessory Kit


    Optional All-in-One Personal Computer offer includes a HP - 23.8" Touch-Screen All-In-One - AMD Ryzen 3-Series or equivalent.

    • This item is currently experiencing extremely high demand due to the COVID-19 Crisis.  Please allow 6-8 Weeks for Delivery.  We will provide weekly updates once you have placed your order.

    • Please refer to FLIR's site by clicking here for additional commercial facility screening details.  

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